Suzy Cortez On Being Miss Bumbum, Posing For Playboy And Lionel Messi

Miss Bumbum 2015 spoke exclusively to loaded about her past, present and future.

Suzy Cortez Image Suzy Cortez/Instagram

To some, Brazilian model Suzy Cortez will need little in the way of an introduction.

Winner of the coveted title of Miss Bumbum in her native Brazil back in 2015, Cortez has been something of a social media sensation ever since, racking up over 800,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Known primarily for her world famous posterior, loaded decided to sit down with Cortez to find out a bit more about the person behind the behind. Like what it takes to become Miss Bumbum, how she was discovered, what it was like to pose for Playboy, oh, and what really went on with Lionel Messi.

loaded: You’re no longer the official Miss BumBum following Erika Canela’s win – how do you feel about that?

Cortez: I’m world famous for being Miss Bumbum and always will be. Nobody is going to change that.

“A modelling agent approached me and told me I looked a lot like Ronaldo’s ex-wife”

loaded: What was your favourite memory from your time as Miss BumBum? Did you do anything particularly memorable during your time in the role?

Cortez: When I was invited to China to participate in one of the most popular TV programs in the country. I was even invited to present a sports show. Unfortunately, I don’t speak Mandarin (laughs).

loaded: Do you like the title Miss Bumbum or does it get a bit annoying sometimes? Would you prefer to be known for other things?

Cortez: It doesn’t upset me. Miss Bumbum is just one of the many competitions I have won in Brazil. These days I am more focused on my career as a TV presenter and actress.

Suzy Cortez on Instagram
Suzy Cortez On Instagram Image Suzy Cortez/Instagram

loaded: How were you first discovered as a model?

Cortez: I was first discovered when I was 14-years-old in a shopping centre in Brazil. A modelling agent approached me and told me I looked a lot like Ronaldo’s ex-wife (the Brazilian one) and offered me a job on TV.

loaded: Looking at your Instagram, it seems like you do a lot of fitness work – what is your daily gym routine like? Do you have to stick to a strict diet too?

Cortez: My routine involves weight training at least fives times a week. I also play football. I don’t have a really strict diet but I do try and watch what I eat.

loaded: What tips can you offer to anyone looking to become the next Miss Bumbum?

Cortez: That’s a tough one. At lot of it involves some very unique physique exercises designed specifically for the butt. Some of it is just down to my genetics though (laughs).

Suzy Cortez on the cover of Playboy.
Suzy Cortez On the cover of Playboy Image Playboy

loaded: What was it like posing for Playboy? Is that an experience you would like to repeat?

Cortez: I absolutely loved my experience with Playboy. In fact, I have been invited back by the magazine to do covers for their Russian and Italian editions in 2017. I haven’t said yes yet though.

“I was actually invited to participate in a film about the life of a great sportsman”

loaded: Can you clear something up for us: what football team do you support? And who is your favourite player?

Cortez: I absolutely love football and play it in Brazil. In terms of teams I support, they would be São Paulo, Barcelona (where I lived for six years) and Manchester United. Lionel Messi and Gerard Piqué are my favorite players.

loaded: You’ve had some run-ins with Lionel Messi online – he reportedly blocked you at one point – what’s the story behind that? Do you have a message for Messi?

Cortez: Well, it wasn’t the Messi that blocked me, it was his wife who came onto Instagram and started acting in a very jealous way. My only message for Messi is that I hope he continues to play brilliantly for Barcelona. Oh and that he persuades Antonella (his wife) to unblock me (laughs).

Wedged In Miss Bum Bum has blown our minds.

loaded: What does the future hold for Suzy Cortez? Would you like to try and make it in Hollywood and the movie business?

Cortez: In 2017, I intend to pursue my acting dream in Hollywood. I was actually invited to participate in a film about the life of a great sportsman in February 2017 but couldn’t participate due to scheduling conflicts. I’m going to be doing some TV work in Australia and Malaysia very soon too.

Thanks to Suzy for chatting to loaded. You can keep up to date with all the latest breaking news from Suzy Cortez on Instagram or via her official website.

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