At least they didn't do it on the fresh produce.

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Supermarket Workers Facing The Axe After Back Office Sex Video Surfaces

By Jack Beresford

February 15, 2018

Two supermarket workers are on borrowed time after a video surfaced showing the pair engaging in a back-office romp inside their local store.

The Sun first broke the news with footage showing 35-year-old Tesco fresh produce manager Neville Fox engaged in a sexual act with a 19-year-old colleague.

A group of youngsters stumbled upon the pair last Saturday at the Tesco Superstore in East Anglia, after Fox and his female co-worker absent-mindedly left the blinds open on a nearby window at the back of the building.

It didn’t take long for the passers-by to seize on the opportunity, filming Fox engaging in a sex act on the woman involved.

Tesco has since learned of the incident, with updated reports indicating that the pair have both been reprimanded and have now “left the business”.

It’s not been confirmed whether either has been sacked following the incident, though the situation is further complicated by the fact Fox is supposedly in a long-term relationship with a 54-year-old manager from another store.

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Tesco has since launched an investigation into the incident, which they are said to be taking “very seriously”.

That contrasts the reaction of those who filmed the incident, with one witness who asked not to be named telling The Sun it was “bloody hilarious.”

“We knew straight away it was the manager – and someone who looked like they were there for a pay rise,” they added. “It was so funny.”

The incident comes just months after a Scarborough couple narrowly avoided jail after a video surfaced of the pair having sex on the counter of a branch of Domino’s Pizza.

Daniella Hirst and Craig Smith pled guilty to outraging public decency during a court appearance last October and were handed 12-month long community orders.

These included an order to observe a curfew between the hours of 7pm and 7am for 23 weeks and were fitted with electronic tags. They were also required to perform a “rehabilition activity” while Smith was ordered to do 200 hours of unpaid work.

At least Fox and his female co-worker will avoid a similar fate.