Superman IV gets a shot-for-shot remake in original Milton Keynes locations

30 years later, the Man of Steel soars again in MK.

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
Up, up and away Superman IV: The Quest for Peace – Milton Keynes edition. Image Picture Warner Bros/YouTube

The original Superman movies with Christopher Reeve were something of a mixed bag.

The first two were stone-cold superhero classics, but things went off the rails when Richard Pryor was introduced for film number three.

By the time Superman IV: The Quest for Peace rolled around in 1987 the budget had been slashed to such an extend that Reeve’s Man of Steel swansong had to be filmed in Milton Keynes.

“You held the camera up and everything looked the same.”

Yes, Milton Keynes… the unremarkable Buckinghamshire destination doubled for city of tomorrow Metropolis.

In total 18 minutes of the film were shot in MK, including the front of Milton Keynes Central Station standing in for the United Nations Headquarters.

Now, 30 years after the film was shot in the town, artist Richard DeDomenici’s Superman IV redux project has brilliantly recreated the comic book turkey using the soundtrack over new footage shot with local actors in the original locations.

From watching it below, you can see that not much has changed in Milton Keynes over the course of three decades.

“You held the camera up and everything looked the same,” DeDomenici told the BBC. “You got a kind of shiver, it’s not déjà vu as you’ve not been there before but it was a very strange experience.”

You’ll believe a man can fly… very shoddily in Milton Keynes.

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