Super sperm donor reveals he’s ‘fathered’ 78 kids from the back of his van

He travels around the country, spreading his seed.

When Clive, 65, from Staffordshire, retired from teaching a few years ago, he decided to put his mind to a rather unique endeavour.

Now, the married father of three and grandfather of nine spends his time traveling up and down the UK, providing semen samples to grateful recipients eager to have children.

Clive makes around 16 donations every month, assisting a mix of single women, heterosexual couples and same-sex couples in achieving their dream of having children.

Sperm from a registered fertility clinic can cost anywhere up to £6,000, but Clive doesn’t charge a bean for his beans and is only too happy to lend his services if it helps others build a family.

Part of the reason he doesn’t donate through the proper channels is that most clinics don’t take donations from men over 45, amid concerns over health complications like autism.

Though he has refused to disclose his last name, the 65-year-old was only too happy to star in a new Channel 4 documentary Super Sperm Donors on the subject.

He helps ease concerns by providing details healthcare information and STD test results.

A shot from Channel 4's Super Sperm Donors.

Not every one of Clive’s donations results in pregnancy, of course, but he reckons he’s already fathered 79 children and has set himself a target of fathering 100.

And when the donations don’t take, he’s more than happy to return for a second try.

Speaking to The Sun, Clive outlined the standard donation process, which starts with him pitching up at the recipients address in a big white van.

“I give them the syringe and will talk to them for about five to ten seconds, just make a bit of idle chit-chat,” he said.

“They are often nervous and it’s just a way of putting them at ease.”

Once the awkward part is out of the way, Clive retires to the back of his van for a bit of alone time. The baby making process begins here.

“I know this is probably unusual but for me, by doing it in the van there is far less involvement, less emotional attachment,” he says.

A shot from Channel 4's Super Sperm Donors.

To Clive’s way of thinking, doing his business in the back of a van keeps things impersonal and protects him from having to pay child maintenance in the future. Well, sort of.

“Technically, if any of the ladies ever wanted to report me to the Child Support Agency in the future, they could nail me for 18 years for child payments,” he said.

“This has never happened but it is another reason why I use my van.”

Technically speaking, because Clive doesn’t donate through a Government-approved Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority-licensed clinic, he is considered a legal parent and could be charged maintenance if the recipients went through the courts. That seems an unlikely scenario though.

Despite spending much of his free time travelling the country embarking on solo trysts in the back of his car, Clive has no regrets about his new hobby.

“I am so proud to have fathered 79 children. I love the joy it brings. So many people say, ‘Thank you so much, Clive, you really have changed our lives’.”

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