Sunday League Match Descends Into Mass Brawl Among Players And Fans

Nice to see that the spirit of the beautiful game is alive and well in the Wear Valley.

Sunday League Football A proud British tradition. Image Getty

Football may be known as the beautiful game, but things got rather ugly during a Sunday League match in County Durham last weekend when a mass brawl broke out involving players and fans alike.

Witton Park FC were hosting Willington AFC in the FA All England Cup when the incident occurred with supporters and players from either side guilty of throwing a few punches.

It came as the game was drawing to a close with Witton Park 3-0 up and Willington AFC evidently none too happy with the outcome.

Posted on to Facebook by the popular fan page Football Away Days, the video has attracted over half a million views, with football lovers evidently only too happy to watch the game descend into chaos.


Speaking to The Chronicle, Witton Park FC chairman Stan Thexon revealed how things escalated:

“The ball went into the dugout then there was a confrontation between one of ours and one of theirs then everyone ran on. The trouble lasted around three minutes then it settled down.”

Despite getting the players together from both sides in the aftermath of the spat, the referee was unable to restart the game, leaving the result and Witton Park’s win hanging in the balance.

Image Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

“It’s the last thing we wanted to see. We have been playing brilliantly this year and have beaten some top teams,” Thexon said.

A last-16 encounter with the winner going through to the quarter finals of the FA Sunday Cup, quite who will progress to the next round remains to be seen.

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