Study Shows Single Guys Are Having WAY Less Sex Than You’d Expect

And pornography might be to blame.

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Friends with Benefits

You might think single guys are living the high life – and some of them are – but it turns out they’re not as much of a hit with the ladies as you might think.

In fact, a study has been conducted which suggests blokes who aren’t in relationships are having WAY less sex than you’d expect.

According to CNET research, 75% of single men using dating apps are looking for relationships rather than a casual hook up, and that means that many guys are less sexually active than previously thought.

As Urban Roar reports too, only 52% of men have sex more than once a month, which is a whopping 30% less than guys in relationships.

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That means 48% of singletons are getting it less frequently than once every four weeks, which is pretty surprising.

What’s the reason behind these stats? Well, according to research from Nottingham University Hospital, there’s been a huge increase in the popularity of online pornography over recent years, and it’s had negative effects on guys’ attitudes to sex.

According to Dr. Angela Gregory, more men than ever are developing unrealistic sexual expectations.

“Men are becoming both physically and psychologically desensitized to normal sexual stimulation and arousal with a sexual partner,” she said.

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Is sex during the work day a good idea? Image Lovehoney

It’s a pretty worrying trend, and with VR porn on the rise, it might only get worse for singletons everywhere.

However, it’s not just singletons that are effected. One study recently claimed that all blokes watch porn, and if they say they aren’t, chances are they’re probably lying.

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