Study Shows Being In A Relationship May Be Making You Fat

Warning: being in a loving relationship may be the cause of those love handles.

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Being married or coupled up may be good for your mental well-being but it’s bad news for your waistline.

That’s according to a new study from the University of Queensland in Australia which identified a clear link between people in relationships and weight gain.

Researchers analysed 10 years-worth of data to reach the conclusion, assessing information on over 15,000 people as part of the study.

And it is bad news for the coupled up among us, with the research revealing couples in happy relationships weighed an average of 13 pounds more than singles and experienced average weight gain of four pounds per year.

There was some positive news for people in relationships though: the research also revealed that, compared to single folk, coupled up people tended to have healthier habits.

They actually smoked less, ate less fast food and consumed more fruit and vegetables, as per the research.

Unfortunately, they are likely to gain more weight – and it’s not the first study to suggest this.

Research from the Southern Methodist University in Dallas revealed that being in a relationship will make you fat.

A total of 200 newlywed couples were quizzed over a four-year period to reach the conclusion. So the message is pretty conclusive: stay single if you want to stay thin.

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