Study Reveals Why Almost Two Thirds Of Us Don’t Exercise Regularly

It turns out the UK are a pretty lazy bunch when it comes to exercise.

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New research has revealed the alarming number of layabouts (us included) living in the UK, and the various excuses we have for not exercising regularly.

A survey conducted by Ladbrokes investigating how long we exercise, what sports we favour and the reasons people have behind not doing more served up some interesting results.

According to the research, approximately 59% of respondents admitted that they were simply not active enough when it came to sport.

When asked to specify the reasons why they did not regularly partake in sports and gym sessions, 29% claimed it was simply down to a lack of available time. Meanwhile, around 13% claimed it was simply too expensive.

Working out in the gym.
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The study also showed that only a minority have memberships to clubs and gyms with 76.4% blaming money while 20% said it was because facilities are not close by.

Those who do play sports estimated that they spent at least 30 minutes exercising on each occasion, on at least eight days each month. However, the average person in the UK only spends around 91 minutes per week raising their heartbeat in activity of this type.

When it came to fitness work and sports, the most popular were ranked as follows:

Health, fitness, gym or conditioning activities 45.96%
Cycling 33.14%
Swimming 31.72%
Jogging 27.83%
Keep fit, aerobics, dance exercise 19.85%
Football 18.61%
Weight training (include body building) 12.16%
Yoga 8.45%
Golf 7.88%
Tennis 7.41%
Snooker, pool, billiards 6.27%
Darts 4.27%
Table tennis 2.94%
Ice skating 2.37%
Martial Arts 2.28%
Rugby 2.18%

Take a look at the full infographic, which breaks down the data by location, here.

However, the main takeaway (no, not that kind) appears to be that a lot of us are pretty lazy.

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