Study reveals impact sex has on athletic performance

No wonder they stock so many condoms at the Olympic Games.

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Ahead of the 2016 Olympics in Rio, a new study has revealed the positive effect sex can have on athletic performance.

The research, commissioned by sex toy firm Adam & Eve, was conducted by Olympic coach Dr Mike Young, who monitored the sex and, yes, even masturbation habits of some 21 athletes.

Draw from national and college level track and field competition and made up of 11 men and 10 women, Dr Young looked at how strength, speed and agility were affected.

And the results may tempt Sebastian Coe to reach into those deep pockets of his and put in a major order of what he probably calls “rubber Jonathans” for Team GB.

According to the results, more frequent sex and general masturbation had a hugely positive effect on everything from vertical jumping height to running times to overall strength.

More surprisingly still, the research found those who masturbate rather than have sex enjoyed a sharper increase in agility (10%) and strength (13%), which goes some way to explaining professional wanker Greg Rutherford’s continued success, at the very least.

Despite the findings, Dr Young was keen to stress that subjective perceptions may have influenced the results.

“If they [the athletes] feel like participating in a sexual activity will improve their athletic performance then it more than likely will and they should strategically seek out opportunities to be sexually active,” he explained.

“Similarly, if an athlete feels like sexual activity impairs their athletic performance, then it probably will and they should avoid it at all costs.”

To back up this suggestion, he revealed that the research also found that those athletes who thought sex improved their skills were 68% more likely to see an upsurge in results.

The results appear to go against the notions surrounding football though, where international managers have long opted to impose sex bans on their squads in a bid to maintain focus.

Perhaps that’s where Roy Hodgson went wrong with England at Euro 2016 though.

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