Study Reveals How Many Times Women Think About Sex Every Day

Turns out women are (nearly) as dirty minded as men.

Hollywood sex scenes don't come more extreme than Monster's Ball
Monster's Ball Halle Berry's Academy Award-winning sex scene. Image Picture Lionsgate

For years we’ve been that told men are completely obsessed with sex and they think about it once every seven seconds, or something close to it.

Various studies down the years have suggested that blokes have sex on the brain 24/7, but it turns out men aren’t nearly as randy as we first thought.

In fact, it was recently revealed that men only think about naughty things in the region of 24 times a day, and the revelation got a few people thinking – how much do women think about sex?

Now, a new study in the US has quizzed 283 college students between the age of 18 and 25, and it found that women think about sex 18 times a day – which works out at about once every hour they’re awake [via Mid-Day and Naija247]

The guide to a perfect sex life
In the bedroom Image Picture Paramount

The study also discovered that while women think about sex throughout the day, their minds wander a surprising amount during sex itself.

The results show that women thought of Hollywood actors, their exes, pornography and even shopping during their most intimate moments.

So, when it comes to having dirty minds, it turns out women are (nearly) just as bad as men.

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