Study Reveals Almost Half Of Adulterers Vote Conservative

Liberal Democrat voters come out of the study…oh who the hell cares.

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Your choice of political party could say a lot more about your proclivity to cheat on a partner than you may have realised.

That’s according to new research compiled by married dating site Ashley Madison, which revealed that almost half of all adulterers using their services vote Conservative.

Over 3,000 members were surveyed as part of the research, with the majority (46%) revealing they vote Conservative.

That’s some way ahead of the proportion voting Labour (31%) and some way ahead of the Liberal Democrats (15%) though they don’t really count, do they?

Theresa May as Prime Mini

Commenting on the findings, Ashley Madison’s Director of Communications, Isabella Mise, offered up a rather unique theory on the results.

“Perhaps since more traditional values rule certain areas of their life, our UK members seek less rigidity in other parts, like their marriage,” Mise said.

In a bizarre and damning vote of no confidence on Theresa May, the research also revealed that Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas was seen as the top political candidate to have an affair with.

She gained 37% of the sleazy vote, ahead of Leanne Wood (25%) and Nicola Sturgeon (17%).

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

Even Jeremy Corbyn fared better than May, gained 8% of the vote to the Conservative leader’s paltry 5%. Not that she or anyone else will care all that much.

Elsewhere, almost half our surveyed members (47%) say their spouse votes for the same political party as they do compared to only 12% who can say the same of their extramarital partners.

However, that may simply be because a large portion (78%) don’t even know which political party their affair partner votes for. While 70% of respondents think it’s important to stay informed, 64% don’t care who their spouse votes for, and 81% don’t care who their affair partner votes for.

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