Study Finds Female Sex Hormones Make Women Amazing At Multitasking

So THAT'S why blokes can't do more than one thing at once...

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We’re always being told that women can multitask better than men – but is it really true?

Traditionally, it’s been said that blokes are rubbish at doing more than one thing at once, and a new study has finally confirmed it.

A new study has been conducted, which suggests it’s high levels of female sex hormones that help women multi-task better than men.

83 volunteers took part in the study, which tested people’s ability to perform a language test – stimulating the left side of their brains – and simultaneously swing their right arms [via The Telegraph].

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The results, published in the Royal Science Open Science, showed that men and menopausal women were less able to complete the test.

It was the younger pre-menopausal women who achieved the most impressive results, and the findings suggest that an abundance of the female sex hormones are key to multi-tasking.

“We know that the left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for both the verbal task and the control of arm swing on the opposite side of the body,” said Tim Killeen from University Hospital Balgrist

“In men and older women, the verbal task appears to overwhelm the left brain to the extent that the movement of the arm on the right is reduced.”

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He added: “We were surprised to find such a consistent gender difference in how two relatively simple behaviours – cognitive control and arm swing – interact with one another.”

So there you have it – sex hormones that make women better at multitasking, and there’s not much blokes can do about it.

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