Students Are Now Pranking Their Teachers With Fake Tinder Dates

Students aren't the only ones targeted by bullies at school...

Cyber bullying is now affecting teachers... Image pixabay

A grim prank has surfaced in schools across the UK involving students setting up fake dating profiles and standing up their TEACHERS on fake dates.

With dating apps becoming the norm when it comes to coupling up, it’s pretty easy to find any and everyone online.

Students are taking this fact and running with it, according to Emma Robertson, co-founder of Digital Awareness UK, this issue has become much worse over the past year.

“In the cases that have almost gone viral in the school, which everybody knows about, a lot of the time teachers will just be really upset and will come to us for one-to-one advice,” she told the Times Educational Supplement.

Tinder The next step Image Tinder

Almost a third of the cases investigated by Robertson and her organisation involve teachers being victimised by students.

She described one case where a female teacher was expecting to meet an attractive man she seemingly met on Tinder when she arrived for the fate she was stood up with students waiting in the wings to document the whole ordeal. They later spread the pictures all over the school.

Now that the various unions are aware of this problem hopefully they can come to a solution and quickly.

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