Student Wakes Up After Boozy Night Out To Discover £5k Holiday Itinerary

That’s enough to make anyone feel sick.

The dreaded itinerary.Image @willarmstrong_

Everyone does stupid things when they’re drunk. It’s just part of growing up.

Maybe it’s the purchase of some questionable takeaway food or perhaps you went and called someone up for a chat in a drunken state. These things happen.

But buying a £5,000 holiday to the Maldives? Well, that’s a little more extreme.

Cheltenham student George Armstrong probably felt a little sick when he first discovered an expensive flight itinerary, which he realised must have been purchased after he lost his ID on a night out.

The December flights included first class tickets to the Maldives along with a stop over in Abu Dhabi. The four tickets also came to an eye-watering £5,289.87, which was way more than Armstrong or any other ordinary student could afford.

It came with a letter from the Flight Centre that read: “Thank you so much for popping in the other day. ‘We certainly appreciate your business and hope your (sic) beginning to get excited about your upcoming first-class flight to the Maldives.

“Please keep in mind, balance is due in full on Friday 10 November at 12.05pm.”

With the letter addressed to “Lord George William Armstrong”, it soon became apparent that something was amiss about the entire thing.

And thankfully, for George at least, that was confirmed by an additional piece of paper which came along with the bill and confirmed that the whole thing was just a giant wind-up.

As it turned out, a member of Flight Centre’s staff, found George’s ID outside the shop and decided to play a trick on him.

George has since been reunited with his ID and has vowed to go steady when it comes to drinking from now on. Good luck with that.

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