Strictly Come Dancing star confesses to rather embarrassing injury

At this rate, Ore Oduba’s member may not make it through the entire series.

Ore Oduba and Anastacia on Strictly Come Dancing.
Ore Oduba and Anastacia Two contestants on the latest series of Strictly. Image Getty

As a presenter on BBC Sport, Ore Oduba is probably more than familiar with the plethora of injuries that can affect the average professional sportsperson.

That probably did little to prepare him for the rigour of Strictly Come Dancing and the many, many hours of rehearsals that go into each and every dance.

It also did little to prepare him for the level of stress and strain this practice would put on his body, including his penis, apparently.

Speaking in an interview with The Sun, Oduba revealed that his member has been through the wars already on the show – and it’s only just started.

“I’ve had a couple of moments with my penis. Last week I rammed myself downstairs into the pole before the cha cha routine,” he said.

Wow, that sounds cha-cha-chaffing but there could be worse to come for the BBC presenter, from the sounds of it.

“This week there’s an umbrella and there’s pump action — it worked backwards and again same area, same pain, same mistake,” Oduba explains.

Will he escape Strictly with his manhood intact? Oduba would appear to have his doubts.

“Every week there’ll be a downstairs moment,” he explained. “I’m taking an absolute beating.”

You might want to get some ice on that, or maybe just have that medic that helped out Will Young on hand in case anything goes wrong.

At least his Ed Balls have remained unscathed.

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