Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Is Taking Things Old School

Who was your favourite character? Don't say Zangief. No one ever says Zangief.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.
Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Ryu vs Ken

The Street Fighter franchise is heading back to the 90s glory days of fighting games with a brand new arcade edition of the latest instalment in the franchise.

Any kid worth their salt played Street Fighter back in the day – Mortal Kombat may have had the gory finishers but Street Fighter was by far the more colourful and enjoyable beat-em-up franchise.

Everyone had a favourite character and special movie; Blanka’s electrified skin, E. Honda’s power punches, Ryu’s “Hadoken!” – there were almost too many to mention!

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is arriving on PS4 and Windows PC on January 16, 2018, and will include all of the original title’s standard features along with a brand new Arcade Mode, Extra Battle Mode, new V-Trigger movies, gallery and an entirely redesigned user interface.

As part of a celebration of the franchise’s 30-year history, the arcade edition will include all 28 of the game’s characters to choose from, including characters introduced earlier in the franchise and a few Capcom has yet to announce.

“As it’s our 30th anniversary year, we wanted to add even more to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition,” Capcom said.

“Extra Battle Mode, V-Trigger moves, Gallery, and a UI design overhaul are among the features we can’t wait to show you in the future.”

The game offers six different paths for players to take, while matches will end with unique endings based entirely on the player’s performance.

Extra Battle Mode will offer a series of exclusive challenges available to players to use their Fight Money with the chance of receiving premium outfits and other extras as a result/

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will retail at £39.99. It’s well worth it.

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