Stray dog denies team certain goal with brilliant save

The Chilean third division encounter was given some extra spice by the canine.

A dog playing with a football.
What a save. Someone sign that dog up. Image Creative Commons

Dogs and football have rarely gone well together.

Brentford goalkeeper Chic Brodie learned that lesson the hard way, after a stray canine found its way onto the pitch during a game against Colchester United in November 1970.

Frantically chasing the ball, the dog collided with the Scottish shot-stopper, resulting in knee ligament damage that essentially ended his career then and there.

“The dog may have been small, but it just happened to be solid,” the late goalkeeper would later reflect.

Almost 36 years on from that most infamous of footballing canine calamities and dogs are once again getting themselves on the back pages for all the wrong reasons.

This particular incident took place in a Chilean third division clash between Trasandino and Deportes Melipilla where a stay dog decided to make himself a hero – well, to one of the teams at least.

With the ball heading goal-wards, this keen-eyed mutt made a superb clearance on the line to deny the attacking team a goal.

Play continued, with the referee unable to allow the goal or prevent the pooch from interfering – this was the Chilean third division.

From the bane of one goalkeeper’s life to the saviour of another, it felt like something approaching canine karma, given what happened to old Chic.

Not that the goalkeeper involved, Fabian Cerda, was having it.

“It was going wide,” he reportedly told the local press, according to Yahoo.

“I left it on purpose. Now people say the dog saved the goal. The dog this. The dog that. It bothers me.”

If there is such a thing as canine karma, we can all look forward to Cerda receiving a rather painful bite on the arse next time out.

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