Strawberry Pizza: The Fast Food Trend Dividing Takeaway Fans Everywhere

It’s Pineapple Pizza all over again, except worse.

This is so wrong. Image Twitter/HBO

The debate over ham and pineapple pizza is one that has been raging for decades.

For some, the combination of meat and fruit is a winning one, worthy of ruining a perfectly good pizza. For the rest of us, it’s a combo forged in the very depths of food hell and one that should be avoided at any costs.

But whatever your preference when it comes to ham and pineapple pizza, one thing everyone can agree on is that strawberries have no place on a pizza, right? RIGHT?

Wrong. Because the latest fruit-based trend in the realm of all things dough-based is cheese, tomato and strawberry pizza.

The idea of strawberries as a pizza topping might make sense to some people out there – strawberries have been known to work well alongside a spot of balsamic vinegar – but for most, the notion is going to sound like an food-based abomination.

In the meantime, some of the pictures of the types of strawberry pizza currently available from select takeaways have started doing the rounds online and haven’t exactly reassured anyone who might have been sceptical about the idea in the first place.

A slice of strawberry topped pizza.

There’s really no point in beating around the bush either – it looks rank, regardless of whether it tastes nice and it may not even taste that nice.

Compared to this, ham and pineapple pizza looks like the most logical combination since Ant and Dec, Tony Adams and Steve Bould, Lennon and…well you get the point.

Perhaps they should chuck a few slices of pepperoni on top to see if that helps matters? It probably won’t, but at least once you are done taking off all the bits of strawberry, there will be a decent enough pizza left behind.

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