The Unbelievable Story Of How A Man Lived With A Bullet Hole In His Forehead

This soldier defied the odds

Looks intense Battle of Chickamauga

There are stories out there of people being shot in the head and living. This one takes the cake. Decades ago, a man in the United States lived out his life with a bullet between his eyes.

On the 19th of September 1863, during the Battle of Chickamauga in the state of Georgia, union soldier Jacob Miller was shot in the forehead by a musket. Left for dead by his unit, he eventually awoke on the field but was now at the rear of the confederate army line. He somehow stood up with the help of his gun and stumbled through scores of enemy soldiers who didn’t recognize his uniform because he was so covered in blood. He eventually got back to the union side and had to inform his captain of who he was, due to his appearance. He did all this with a bullet hole in his head.

According to an account published in the Joliet Daily News on June 14,1911.

The man himself

He was taken to an army hospital where doctors decided to wrap his wound as they assumed he didn’t have long to live. Due to his condition he couldn’t be moved and had to be left behind as the camp moved forward. Miller didn’t want to be taken by the oncoming confederate soldiers so he stood up again and walked for miles with a swollen face and one good eye which he said had him “having to open my eye with my finger to take my bearings on the road.”

He traveled for miles, helped by passers by and soldiers. Eventually getting to a hospital in Kentucky where he begged surgeons to repair his head. They refused until finally, after nine months of suffering, he was operated on and fragments of the bullet removed.

The most interesting part of this story is the fact that they weren’t able to remove all the pieces, “Seventeen years after I was wounded a buck shot dropped out of my wound and thirty one years after two pieces of lead came out.” Miller wrote.

That’s right, the bullet started falling out his head as he went about his life years after the injury. He went on to describe the daily pain he lived with due to the wound but concluded that he was too grateful for his life to complain. He was awarded the medal of honor for his service.

What a guy. Never complaining about a headache again.  

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