The Strange Story Behind The Most Hilariously Insane Mug Shot Of 2017

Turns out the guy behind the viral picture isn’t all that normal…

A mug shot to remember.
That face... What inspired that face?

Noel E. Dawson Jr. went viral after appearing in a contender for the world’s weirdest ever mug shot – but the story behind his arrest is an odd one.

The 63-year-old became an online sensation after the picture taken following his arrest was circulated online.

What many failed to note, however, was the circumstances behind his original arrest which suggest Dawson Jr may not actually be all that nice a guy.

Toledo Blade, which first broke the news of his arrest, reported that Dawson was accused of chasing a family member with a hatchet.

He is then alleged to have swung said hatchet at the man he was chasing.

In the complaint filed with Toledo Municipal Court, it is revealed that Dawson attempted to strike the man but accidentally hit his parked truck instead, leaving a significant dent in the hood.

That crazy mug shot.
The crazy mug shot What was he thinking? Was he thinking?

Having filed a complaint over the damage, court records also revealed that, when confronted by police over the incident. Dawson refused to offer up any information on what happened and instead began shouting obscenities.

It’s an important bit of context for two reasons really.

Firstly, it paints a picture of Dawson as something of a troubled soul and exactly the kind of guy who might pull a strange picture when the police ask him to smile for the camera.

Secondly, it doesn’t sound like Dawson is all that nice a guy to be attacking someone with a tool that could do some serious damage. Now, the guy in question might have done something bad, but it’s unlikely to have been enough to warrant this kind of response.

In any case, Dawson has plead guilty to the charges and is unlikely to face jail time but while the charges are likely to go away pretty quickly, this mugshot is likely to be remembered for some time yet.

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