Stone Cold Steve Austin slams current WWE storylines for lacking realism

Because Stone Cold said so...

The Texas rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin took to his podcast The Steve Austin Show to blast the current state of WWE storylines, claiming that they lack realism.

Austin was speaking to former WWE creative head Vince Russo, where they were discussing the current state of pro wrestling. 

The former champ admitted that he yearned for the days during the Attitude Era, where agents and producers wouldn’t get involved with the creative aspects of the show.

Austin explained: “I remember in the match where I wrestled Bret Hart at WrestleMania 13 in Chicago [Illinois], I was going to pass out in the Sharpshooter in a pool of blood and we go into the finish room and that’s all we get. ‘Hey Steve, you’re going to do the honours today and you’re going to pass out in the Sharpshooter.’

“Didn’t say anything about blood. That was to come later. So, we listen to the orders from our leader and I said, ‘okay’ and of course Bret was over. And Bret was a great business man and a guy I have a lot of respect for. So we walked out of the room. And so, my point is, me and Bret were going to discuss different parts of the match and a little bit of colour.

“And I would cycle back into Vince’s room and say, ‘hey Vince, are you sure about this finish?’ He goes, ‘God dang, Steve. I’m telling you it’ll work.’ I said, ‘okay. Good enough.’

“And so, my point is, he gave us a directive, he gave us the finish, and he trusted us to go out there and execute everything. No agent, nobody helped Bret and I with that match. We went out there, we had a little conversation.

“There was a fishbone of events and the rest was called on the fly and we executed with extreme precision, probably the only real double turn done in the history of WWE that I know of at that high of a level. And there was work on the backend for both of us, but it was trust.”

Austin also took time to have a pop at the perceived new ‘Reality Era’ – a trend being brought in by the hierarchy to show a new direction for the company. This is something that’s failed to materialise, according to Austin.

He added: “They call it the reality era, but it’s anything but reality. And on the other note, going into unknown territory or uncharted waters, back in the day, man, whether you’re a fan or not of some of the storylines or angles we were shooting, they were edgy as hell and we weren’t afraid to push into those uncharted waters or territories.

“And if you’re afraid to do that, if you’re afraid to try to grow, if you’re afraid to take a chance as a company, whether you’re publicly traded or not, then you’re failing to live up to your potential as a company! I mean, because that’s what the entertainment business is. If wrestling falls under the entertainment umbrella, people need to push the envelope!”

 Could we see a return to the ring for Austin? Yes please!

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