Stone Cold Steve Austin Reveals Dream Match That Never Was

The WWE legend opened up about the one match that got away – could it still happen?

The Texas rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin has opened up about one of the biggest regrets of his wrestling career and it’s one that might not be too late to rectify.

As one of the main faces of WWE during the height of wrestling’s popularity in the late 90s Attitude Era, Austin has enjoyed a career few grapplers can match.

However, even the Texas Rattlesnake still has regrets, with the source of Austin’s pain dating back to a match that never was. Speaking on The Steve Austin Show, one listener asked Austin who he wishes he could have wrestled in his career but didn’t? The answer was simple: Hulk Hogan.

Why did Stone Cold never face the Hulk?

The story goes that Austin and Hulk were expected to face-off at Wrestlemania 18. Except it didn’t happen. Hogan went on to fight the Rock while Austin fought Scott Hall.

Austin shed further light on why the fight never happened on his show:

“I gotta say Hulk Hogan. Because, one of the biggest draws in the history of the business. Everybody thought that match between ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan should have happened a couple years back and never did. Just for whatever reason, I didn’t feel like stepping back in the ring. I think Hogan was ready to go, but I wasn’t. And so, I never got a chance to wrestle that guy, and it would’ve been fun to be in the ring with him, because I was watching an old match on YouTube between Paul Orndorff and Hulk Hogan, and I watched how Hulk Hogan was down there on that mat and he was just selling his a** off. Paul Orndorff was just kicking the snot out of him, and then finally, finally, finally after all this heat, started making that trademark comeback… He started firing up that comeback, the people started going crazy, and I realized that guy wasn’t born on top, he worked his tail off to get to the top. So I’d say Hulk Hogan right off jump street.”

Could the fight still happen some day though? After all, while both wrestlers are retired, they have been known to make sporadic appearances in the ring. And the chance of going toe-to-toe in a wrestling match sure to be watched by millions could appeal.

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Could Austin vs Hogan still happen?

Ultimately, any match-up looks between the pair unlikely or at least one involving WWE. Hogan has been pretty much entirely erased from WWE following the revelations that stemmed from his legal battle with Gawker over a sex tape the website published, featuring Hogan.

In the footage, Hogan also appeared to make several racist remarks – something WWE has a zero tolerance policy towards. As soon as the comments came to light, the organisation parted ways with Hogan and little has changed since.

Doing the fight away from WWE also looks unlikely given Austin’s strong ties to the company. Not only does he occasionally come out of retirement for the WWE but Austin also has his own hugely popular show on the WWE Network.

Unless the WWE is willing to change its stance on Hogan, fans may miss out on this match altogether but given the seriousness of what was said, that seems very unlikely.

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