Steven Seagal’s enjoys bizarre day out with the President of Belarus

The martial arts star was treated to watermelon, carrots and lard by Alexander Lukashenko.

Steven Seagal in his latest movie.Image Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal has always been a strange guy but even by his out-there standards, the random encounter he had with Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko takes some beating.

The Under Siege star is already an established chum of Vladimir Putin but, keen to expand his friendship circle, decided that the man once dubbed the “last dictator of Europe” was the ideal addition.

Meeting at Lukashenko’s presidential residence located in Drozdy near Minsk, Seagal was treated to a selection of watermelons and some supposedly very tasty lard.

The undoubted high point of the encounter though came when the Belarusian leader peeled a rather large looking carrot before handing it to Seagal to chomp down on.


Immortalised in Gif form, the moment undoubtedly ranks as one of the Glimmer Man actor’s more mental moments and there are plenty to choose from.

That said, it’s still some way off being as batsh** weird as that faux-reggae album Seagal released a few years back.

Featuring a song in which Seagal expresses his appreciation for the “poo-nanny” it’s the sort of music that’s probably on heavy rotation at Guantanamo Bay.

Once rumoured to produce more movies in the average year than the entire British film industry, Seagal can next be seen in End of a Gun, which is due for release in September.

The film tells the story of a mall security guard (Seagal) who also happens to be an ex-FBI agent, something that comes in pretty handy when a drug kingpin starts hassling a woman he kind of likes. Can’t wait.

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