Video: Steve McClaren adds to England’s Euro 2016 misery

The wally with the brolly was far from jolly.

McAllen can't look And neither can we.

Steve McClaren has found a way to heap further misery on England fans, following the Three Lions’ shock exit from Euro 2016 following a 2-1 defeat to Iceland.

The only former England manager likely to still be less popular than Roy Hodgson right about now was covering the game on Sky Sports News – because while Sky can’t broadcast games, they can still get old pros in suits to watch them and tell us what is going on.

Anyway, in the immediate aftermath of Ragnar Sigurdsson’s quick-fire equaliser for Iceland, McClaren was in bullish mood.

To him, England were looking still looking good and almost certain to score again, with the likes of Raheem Sterling and Kyle Walker causing problems.

Then, out of nowhere, McClaren went from quite optimism to open despair as his face told the story we all knew to be true – Iceland had scored again and England were utter sh*t.

It was a reaction no doubt replicated in pubs, bars and front rooms up and down England, with fans shocked at the way the Three Lions snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in double-quick time.

With Hodgson quitting as England manager almost immediately after the 2-1 defeat, Woy can at least console himself with the fact that he at least got the team to a major tournament – unlike McClaren.

Oh, and they still did better than Scotland.

Not that that is much to write home about these days.

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