Stone Cold Steve Austin Delivers Stunner To Vince McMahon On WWE Return

It was a glorious hark back to the WWE’s ‘Attitude’ Era.

Steve Austin and Vince McMahon on WWE Monday Night Raw.Image WWE

WWE icon Stone Cold Steve Austin successfully rolled back the years to deliver an epic Stone Cold Stunner to arch rival and boss Vince McMahon.

The move came as part of the WWE’s Monday Night Raw 25th anniversary celebrations, which saw a wealth of familiar faces from the world of wrestling descend on two separate New York locations for one night only.

Austin’s return alongside McMahon was the undoubted highlight of the festivities though.

The pair enjoyed arguably the most memorable personal rivalries to ever feature in the world of wrestling – one that helped WWE cement its position as the dominant force in wrestling back in the late 90s and early 2000s.

YouTube is littered with memorable encounters between the pair, like the time Mike Tyson popped up alongside McMahon, much to the chagrin of Austin, or the time the Texas Rattlesnake decided to pay Vince a visit in hospital.

On this occasion, McMahon appeared alongside his son Shane and daughter Stephanie, where he praised himself for the enduring success of Raw and even went as far as presenting himself with his very own plaque.

It was all tongue-in-cheek of course and designed to garner derision and boos aplenty from the watching crowd.

Then, in a moment that sent chills down the spine of many a fan watching on, Austin’s iconic music, complete with smashing glass intro, began playing.

The Texas Rattlesnake then emerged, ready to unleash hell. Somehow Vince was able to convince Austin to deliver a ‘Stone Cold Stunner’ to Shane rather than his rival, with Austin duly obliging.

Vince and Austin then shared a hug and a beer in a touching moment – but it didn’t last long, with Austin swiftly giving McMahon the finger before hitting him with a stunner.

A glorious reminder of when wrestling was at its best. The only hope is that this isn’t the last fans have seen of either Vince or Stone Cold.

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