Remember Stargate? It’s getting rebooted (but without Kurt Russell)

Another day, another remake.

Stargate poster
Unlock the universe Stargate's wormhole to another world. Image Picture MGM

Remember Stargate?

The cult 90s sci-fi blockbuster was a box office hit in the mid-90s and even spawned a long-running TV series, animated show and video game.

Strangely, though, Stargate seems to have receded into the pop culture distance and is barely remembered.

That might not be the case for long, because the original film’s director Roland Emmerich is planning to bring it back – but don’t expect to see original stars Kurt Russell and James Spader, this will be a clean start for the franchise.

Kurt Russell in Stargate
90s classic Kurt Russell in Stargate. Image Picture MGM

“Stargate will be more a reboot because I really feel that when we did Stargate, the original, we wanted to do a trilogy,” Emmerich told Loaded while promoting Independence Day: Resurgence.

“Let’s do a real trilogy and let’s do it right.”

“It didn’t work out because the video rights and the film rights were at different companies. There was never the possibility.

“Now, everything is with one company and we went to MGM and said, ‘guys you have to do a reboot’. Let’s do a real trilogy and let’s do it right. Hopefully one day I will do that.”

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Independence Day: Resurgence opens in cinemas on June 23.

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