Star Wars: What Happened To Oola From Return Of The Jedi?

Actress Femi Taylor's role may have been small, but it certainly made a lasting impression.

Oola from Star Wars: Episode VI
Oola from Star Wars: Episode VI Star Wars: Episode VI Image Lucasfilm

Femi Taylor’s screen time might have been limited to just a few minutes in Star Wars: Episode VI, but she made a pretty lasting impression.

The actress gave one of the shortest and most memorable performances in the entire franchise, when she played Oola in Return of the Jedi.

Her role as Jabba the Hutt’s Twi’lek slave dancer will be familiar to all fans of the series, and it made a big impact on young Star Wars fans everywhere back in 1983.

As her extensive entry in ‘Wookipedia’ will tell you, Oola’s backstory pertains she was captured as a slave after moving to Tatooine from her home planet Ryloth.

Forced to wear revealing clothes by her master Jabba, she’s tied up by a collar and chain, and has one of the more famous death scenes in the entire series.

Her exotic dancing will stick in the memory of Star Wars fans, as will her pretty epic death scene…

As fans will remember, Oola complains about having to dance for Jabba, and the crime lord pulls her by her chain towards a hidden trap door, before meeting a grizzly end in the Rancor pit.

It was of course a brief performance in Episode VI, but Femi’s involvement with Star Wars was far from finished there.

She returned years later to take part in new scenes for the 1997 Special Edition release of the film, and she’s taken part in countless fan events and conventions ever since. She recently attended Comicon, and kept her Twitter followers updated on the whole thing.

In fact, her character is hugely popular amongst cosplayers too, with some of them going to crazy lengths to capture Oola’s original green look – just google ‘Oola cosplay’ and you’ll see what we mean…

Just like her character, actress Femi is also a trained dancer. A star of the stage, she appeared in Cats on the West End before getting her role in the movie. She’d go on to star in the 1998 Cats movie as Exotica.

While Return of the Jedi is her most notable performance to date, she also appeared in films such as Playing Away and The Apple in the 80s, while her most recent movie role came back in Flirting in 1991.

There’s a family connection to Star Wars too, as her brother actually appeared in the much-maligned prequels as Fighter Pilot Bravo 2 in The Phantom Menace.

These days, 34 years on from Return of the Jedi, she lives with her two children and partner in London. As her popular appearances at fan conventions show, she’s still fondly remembered by fans, and quite rightly so.

Her role in the Star Wars franchise may have been small, but it certainly made a lasting impression.

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