Star Wars Spin-Off Rogue One DESTROYED In Hilarious Honest Trailer

No film is safe from the wrath of the Screen Junkies

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story poster Felicity Jones
Force is strong Rogue One: A Star Wars Story's Felicity Jones. Image Disney/Lucasfilm

Disney’s first forays into the Star Wars universe may have been met with approval from fans and critics alike but YouTube movie buff channel Screen Junkies is having none of it.

Known for their “Honest Trailers” series of clips, which offer up frank assessments of some of the biggest and best movies ever made, Star Wars spin-off Rogue One is the latest film to come in for some ribbing with Screen Junkies holding nothing back.

From the off, we’re told how desperate Lucasfilm was to ensure the movie had no connection to the prequel trilogy, with the $200 million budget representing the most amount of money ever spent to fill a plot hole.

Everything from the film’s weird fixation on file formats to rebel group leader Jyn Erso’s (Felicity Jones) actual lack of rebellious spirit, droid K-2SO is pretty much the only one to come out with any credit, for a performance more charismatic than most of his human counterparts.

The Galactic Empire is summed up as “various old dudes” arguing over Death Star bragging rights while Stormtroopers are noted as coming in two new flavours though with the same “weakness to sticks” and lack of a decent aim that renders their armour useless.

Screen Junkies does have some positive things to say about the plethora of Star Wars references in the film and THAT Darth Vader fight scene but it’s also quick to highlight the alarmingly high number of scenes and shots from the trailer that failed to make the final film.

In any case, it’s all in good fun and a worthy addition to the Screen Junkies Honest Trailer series. George Lucas even gets a mention. Remember him?

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