Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi “Leak” Points To Snoke’s True Identity

Fans are speculating online – but are you convinced

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Star Wars The Force Awakens was the biggest movie of 2015. Image Picture Disney/Lucasfilm

It’s a question that has dogged Star Wars fans ever since The Force Awakens first hit cinemas: who or what is the Supreme Leader Snoke?

Now one avid fan has put forward a theory that may, partially at least, point to who Snoke is. 

His name is Mike Zeroh and he’s a YouTuber who is somewhat in the know when it comes to all things Star Wars.

According to Zeroh, a source from the set of Episode VIII: The Last Jedi has offered up some juicy information on the topic of Snoke, which comes to us via The Express

The info focuses specifically on Snoke’s name and what it may actually mean in the context of the Star Wars universe.

Zeroh explains on the clip:

“This comes from Edvard, he’s a local in Dubrovnik, who heard many different rumours [about] the films, so guy please do take this with a pinch of salt.

“The biggest rumour of Snoke is that his name…is an acronym.”

So far, so weird, but Zeroh continues: 

“Apparently Luke and Leia made a deal for Sith to never exist after the death of Darth Vader and Palpatine himself.

“Now what’s really interesting here, is when it comes to Supreme Leader Snoke…Luke and Leia discussed about this character and described him as, ‘A Sith No One Knew Exist’, which equals out to Snoke.” [sic]

“It would make a whole lot of sense of why he is named Snoke.

“I’m sure he has another name, like another identity. But this biggest question is why is he called Snoke? I’m sure that’s not his actual name.

“There could be a great possibility that this could be another form of…his identity.”

“He could be named somebody else for all we know, or he could have been someone else, for all we know.”

Of course, there is plenty of evidence to debunk this theory.


Like why would Luke and Leia have come up with the name for someone who would go on to lead their mortal enemies the First Order?

But here’s the thing: what if Luke has secretly followed in the footsteps of his dad Darth Vader by secretly joining the dark side and that’s one fucked up Snoke mask or Jedi illusion or something? Maybe they are working together? Or he’s Darth Maul?

If Snoke’s name is indeed an acronym, then there’s every possibility he is someone fans are already familiar with from the Star Wars universe – why else would they conceal his face?

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