The sexiest Star Wars star you never got to see

To a galaxy far, far away by way of Versailles.

Anna Brewster Tatler shoot
Hanging on the telephone Anna Brewster poses for a Tatler shoot. Image Picture Tatler

The world of Star Wars is jam-packed with background actors who went on to become big stars.

Whether it’s Keira Knightley and Dominic West in The Phantom Menace or Rose Byrne in Attack Of The Clones, famous faces are tucked away across the series.

The Force Awakens is likely to wind up being a similar affair. We’re not talking about Daniel Craig’s Stormtrooper cameo or Simon Pegg playing grotesque salvage dealer Unkar Plutt – fast-rising Versailles actress Anna Brewster is hiding in plain sight in the latest Star Wars movie.

Anna Brewster in Star Wars: The Force Awakens
In disguise Anna Brewster in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Image Picture Lucasfilm/Disney

The 30-year-old Brit plays Bazine Netal, a First Order snitch who tips the enemy off about the whereabouts of Han Solo and co.

“There’s nothing like having Harrison Ford lurking around to pile on the pressure.”

“There’s nothing like having Harrison Ford lurking around [on set] to pile on the pressure,” she said of her intergalactic acting.

It’s a fleeting cameo that sees her disguised under heavy make-up and costumes but don’t be surprised to see her going on to bigger and better things.

Originally a model hailing from Birmingham, Brewster notched up early roles in Anita & Me and Mrs Henderson Presents before appearing in the pilot episode The Tudors.

Her screen time largely consisted of sex scenes with future Superman Henry Cavill, but more substantial parts in Material Girl and Silent Witness followed before she bagged Versailles.

The BBC period romp – hitting the headlines for its incessant shagging – sees her play Marquise de Montespan, a role that’s gaining her plenty of plaudits.

Expect this West Midlander to be on Hollywood’s radar for some time to come.

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