Star Wars Death Star toaster is more powerful than you could possibly imagine

He’s holding a thermal detonator!!! Wait, no, it’s just a novelty toaster

The force is strong with this one Image The Foundry.

The clamour for Star Wars related products has seen some pretty weird and wonderful products come on to the market over the past couple of years but the Star Wars Death Star Toaster is something else altogether.

It may not possess the fire power of the galaxy’s most fearsome weapons system but, when it comes to toasting bread, it could offer A New Hope to those bored at the prospect of the standard snacking experience.

The Star Was Death Star Toaster does things a little differently though, with the iconic image of the TIE Interceptor toasted onto each and every slice. Sorry, no X-wings were available at this time.

It may not have a tractor beam or force field to prevent any unwanted attacks from rebel toast fiends but there is an adjustable thermostat and removable crumb tray. So basically the kind of features you get on an ordinary toaster…did we mention the tie fighter toasting thing? We did? Oh.

Star Wars Death Star Toaster
The Death Star Toaster Those Jedi scum are toast. Image The Foundry

There are no handy air vents leading straight to the heart of the Star Wars Death Star toaster either, with the creators smart enough to avoid the one key design flaw that the Imperial Guard somehow managed to overlook. Twice.

Styled after the Death Star that featured prominently in Episodes IV-VI, it could be the ideal Christmas present ahead of the release of Star Wars: Rogue One.

And much like the toaster equivalent of JJ Abrams’ most recent Star Wars effort, it won’t disappoint either. Mainly because Jar-Jar Binks is nowhere near any of it. No one wants his face on any foodstuffs these days.

Currently retailing at £49.99, this may just be the toaster Star Wars fans have been looking for.

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