The Force is strong with this Death Star levitating speaker

That's no moon...

Death Star Levitating Speaker
The iconic galactic superweapon Now available as a speaker Image

Apparently it’s the season for Death Star inspired household items – what do you mean no one told you?

Last week we brought news of a toaster inspired by Star Wars’ Death Star. This week get ready for… the Death Star Levitating Speaker.

Yes it really is as mad/cool as it sounds. This gravity-defying mini Death Star from The Fowndry is suspended by magnetic levitation while it blasts out your music. What’s more, it even spins on its axis.

You can just picture Darth Vader sitting in a dark room quietly contemplating his life choices while one of these speakers sits in the corner blasting out the greatest hits of Spandau Ballet.

The speaker works via Bluetooth and operates up to a distance of 10 metres from the music source. There is also the option to take this Death Star on the go with you as it has a rechargeable battery with five hours’ playback time.

You could be that annoying person that sits on the green on a nice day blaring your music a bit too loud, but now you could be doing it through an actual Death Star.

So, a toaster and now a levitating speaker, now we just got to get our hands on some light sabre wall lights and a Chewbacca carpet.

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