This Dark Fan Theory Will Change The Way You Watch Star Wars Forever

Thought Darth Vader was the most evil character in the series? Think again...

Darth Vader from Star Wars
Darth Vader Star Wars

Remember those furry guys from Star Wars? No, not the Wookies – those other little guys from Return of the Jedi.

As every Star Wars aficionado will remember, they’re called Ewoks, and they played a major part in the battle of Endor in Episode VI.

They help Luke Skywaker and the rebels destroy the Imperial forces during the film, and they’re remembered as being some of the most loved – not to mention cutest – characters in the whole series.

But what if they weren’t as cute as we all remember? What if they were secretly some of the most sinister characters in the whole franchise?

According to one very believable fan theory, we’ve been looking at the Ewoks all wrong…

If you remember, the Ewoks capture Han, Luke and Chewbacca, during the earlier stages of the movie and look like they’re about to perform some sort of ritual in honour of C-3PO, who they believe is some kind of golden god [via Dorkly].

The heroes escape of course, but it begs the question – are the Ewoks actually trained cannibals?

They look like they’re about to roast Han, Luke and Chewie over a fire, and it can’t be the first time they’ve done it, right?

The creatures eventually become friends with the rebel forces and they somehow defeat the imperial forces together, but it’s only after the fight that things get really dark…

The Ewoks throw a huge party after the battle, and the rebels celebrate defeating the Empire. However, the Ewoks might have been celebrating for a very different reason altogether.

If you rewatch the scene, you’ll see their settlement is covered in loose Stormtrooper helmets, which surely can only mean one thing – the creatures have cooked the fallen ‘troopers, and are about to feast on them.

Oh, Jesus…

Ewok Image Lucasfilm

It’s not the fall of the Empire they’re celebrating at all, but the fact that the battle has provided them with enough food to last them a lifetime.

Guess they don’t look to adorable now, huh?

So, whatever you do, don’t mess with the Ewoks. They’ll eat you for breakfast – literally.

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