Star Wars: 11 Last Jedi Fan Theories Ranked

From the utterly bonkers to the totally believable...

Daisy Ridley in Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Star Wars Daisy Ridley in The Force Awakens Image Picture Disney/Lucasfilm

There are hundreds of Star Wars theories knocking about on the internet, and some are WAY more believable than others…

The Last Jedi is released this December, and if we’re being honest, we’re getting pretty impatient. So, we thought we’d make the wait more bearable by ranking 11 of the most popular theories below:


Snoke is actually Mace Windu

Believability Rating: 2/10

The YouTube video explaining this theory has racked up millions of views, but we’re not convinced. After all, the prequels need to be forgotten about asap, so we can’t see Disney harping back to them in Episode VIII. Don’t get us wrong, we’d love to see Samuel L Jackson head back to a galaxy far, far away, but we can’t see it.


Kylo Ren is secretly a double agent

Believability Rating: 3/10

Another rumour claims that Kylo Ren, aka Ben Solo, was planted as a double agent within the Empire’s midst as a child. By this logic, he’s forced to all the evil stuff to keep his cover, and he’s pretty messed up about it. There’s another argument that claims when he speaks to Vader’s helmet saying he’ll “finish what you started”, he actually means that’ll he’ll bring down the Sith, not the Jedi. Interesting… 


Rey and Kylo Ren are siblings

Believability Rating: 4/10

This theory claims that the Empire and the rebels are linked by blood, and the two main protagonists in The Force Awakens are actually related. This hangs on the idea that Princess Leia hugged Rey rather than Chewbacca at the end of The Force Awakens, supposedly because she knew she was her mother. That could just be an error from JJ Abrams though…


Rey is the granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine

Believability Rating: 4/10

Have we been looking at Rey’s family all wrong? A theory argues that she’s actually the secret granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine. Her vision in Episode VII features several glimpses of the villain, which could be his way of reaching out to her. Ren also seems to know she exists before he sees her, asking “what girl?” as if he already had her in mind.


Rey is a Kenobi, not a Skywalker 

Believability Rating: 5/10

There’s been plently of speculation about Rey being Luke’s daughter. But could she in fact descend from another famous Star Wars family? Fans have pointed out online that her solitary lifestyle and lightsaber technique closely resembles that of Obi Wan – could he have had a secret child during his time in the wilderness of Tattooine?


Anakin Skywalker will return as a ghost in Episode 8

Believability Rating: 5/10

Critic Chris Hartwell put forward a very impassioned argument in a recent video, saying that it was only right that Anakin featured in the upcoming movie in force form. Maybe, just maybe, Hayden Christensen will be back as a ghost in Episode VIII.


 Snoke is Darth Vader

Believability Rating: 6/10

 It might be the least original theory on the list, but Snoke does look a LOT like Darth Vader’s head without the helmet. Vader was set on fire at the end of Episode VI too – which would explain the scars, right?


Benicio Del Toro will play Daisy Ridley’s father in Episode VIII

Believability Rating: 6/10

Reddit user Darth Hodor came up with a very believable theory that Benicio Del Toro will play Rey’s father in the upcoming movie. The theory claims that Benicio will play an adult version of Ezra Bridger from Star Wars: Rebels animated series, who turns out to be Rey’s father.

The user writes: “The theory I’ve come up with is that Ezra falls to the dark side. He joins forces with Snoke and together they start manipulating the Jedi starting with Ben Solo. Foreseeing this, Luke hides Rey from her father, and in retaliation Ezra, through or with Kylo Ren, destroys the Jedi Academy.”



Luke is Rey’s father

 Believability Rating: 7/10

Again, the theory that Rey is Luke’s daughter is doing the round on Reddit. User Con0rr outlined a theory that points out the main arguments (mainly that the lightsaber called out to Rey, and flies to her in the final battle). Could the final scene of The Force Awakens have been a father/daughter reunion?


Rey will lose her arm in Episode VIII 

Believability Rating: 8/10

What are the odds on history repeating itself, and Rey losing her arm in Episode VIII? Rey actress Daisy Ridley actually hinted at this herself a while back – and a passerby reportedly saw her on set wearing a “green screen sleeve” – we’re saying it’s fairly likely that she’ll suffer a similar fate to Luke and Anakin Skywalker in Episode VIII.


There is more than one ‘last Jedi’

Believability Rating: 10/10

Ok, so this is pretty much nailed on. Of course, the word ‘Jedi’ can mean singular or plural, but after the title was released in French, German, Italian and Spanish languages, it was made clear that it’s referring to more than one Jedi. So, we can pretty confidently say that Luke isn’t the only Jedi in the upcoming film. The more important question now is, who are the others?

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