This WWE Star Body Slammed Big Show So Hard He Broke The Ring

It’s not the first time Braun Strowman blew everyone’s mind in wrestling either.

The Big Show slamming Braun Strowman.
Big Show slamming Braun Strowman The WWE machine. Image WWE

Braun Strowman has been making quite the impression in the world of WWE of late.

Not content with flipping over an ambulance carrying fellow grappler Roman Reigns, the 33-year-old wrestler and former professional strongman just did something extraordinary.

Facing off against fellow man mountain and WWE legend the Big Show, the Wyatt Family member managed something no one else has ever done before.

Taking Show to the corner of the ring, Strowman pulled off a superplex – essentially an elevated suplex from the corner – which required him to lift all 7ft and 174 kilos of Big Show, real name Paul Wight, in one fell swoop.

The resulting slam was not only incredible to see but resulted in something rarely seen in the world of wrestling, with the entire ring collapsing in an instant.

Big Show has been in this situation before of course, with the ring collapsing in similar fashion after he landed the same move on Brock Lesnar.

Show also managed to choke slam the Undertaker through the mat in another impressive show of strength and athleticism.

But this was still something special and, in the wake of the ‘Taker’s apparent retirement, it could earmark Strowman as one to watch for the future.

Now, it’s probably worth remembering that wrestling is largely fake and there’s little doubt in our mind that a special ring setup was put in place for this particular move.

Yet, much like Mankind’s infamous fall from the Hell in the Cell all those years ago, it’s still an incredible feat to pull off during a live show in front of millions of fans.

Bravo, WWE, bravo.

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