Nearly £20M Is Set To Be Spent On UK Stag Dos Today, And Here’s Why

As much as £150 million could be spent by Stag and hen parties in January.

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The United Kingdom may well be on the brink of economic oblivion but, dammit, that isn’t going to stop stag and hen dos up and down the land from going big.

In fact, Friday January 27 has officially been branded “Stag Friday” by The Stag Company, who are predicting that around £19.5 million could be spent in bachelor bookings over the next 24 hours.

It’s all part of an epic month of expenditure in the industry that could see an estimated £150 million shelled out on Stag and Hen parties, which amounts to a fuck-ton of inflatable dolls and pink fedoras.

Trips abroad remain as popular as ever too, with overseas bookings up eight per cent over the last 12 months despite the fact Brexit is moving ever closer. Soak up that cheap foreign lager while you can.

January is traditionally the busiest time for bookings with that £150 million total part of an annual spend of around £750 million across the industry.

Part of the reason for that leap is that December represents one of the busiest months on record for marriage proposals, with the majority of blokes popping the question in the run up to Christmas. Possibly so they can save some money of Christmas presents.

The Stag Company CEO, Rob Hill said: “If last year’s trends are anything to go by, Stag Friday will be the single biggest day of the year for bookings as January’s pay arrives and stags set their plans into action.”

Guys aren’t exactly watching the purse strings when it comes to how must they shell out on these trips either, with the average spend thought to be around £250 per person.

Something tells us a large chunk of that goes on kebabs.

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