Can You Spot The Deadly Snake Hiding In This Picture? Most Can’t

This PhD student’s picture has turned into a terrifying viral photo puzzle.

A bit of ground with a snake on it.
The scene of the crime There's no snake in this picture Image SssnakeySci/Twitter

A picture of a perfectly camouflaged snake has gone viral on Twitter but most people sharing the image are actually struggling to see where the venomous reptile is lurking.

It all started when a Florida-based PhD student shared a picture on Twitter of a snake seemingly hidden among leaves and dirt on the ground.

Evidently a biologist working in the field of snakes (is that a thing?) the eagle-eyed academic was quick to spot the potential danger and subsequently shared it on social media.

However, when presented to most folk online, the number who were able to instantly spot the hidden snake was few and far between.

Snake in the field.
Can you see the snakes? From @SssnakeySci Image @SssnakeySci/Twitter

In truth, it’s testament to just how effective this particular snake’s camouflage is. However, as is so often the case with snakes, there’s a sting in the tail.

This particular snake happens to be a Copperhead or Agkistrodon contortrix to give it its proper name. Copperheads happen to be particularly venomous, meaning a bite from one is likely to lead to very, very bad things for the recipient.

The problem is, as this picture demonstrates, spotting these snakes is actually very, very difficult.

So next time you find yourself off on a jolly walk through a leafy bit of woodland just remember: danger could lurk under every step. Consider yourself warned.

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