Video: Sports Analyst Draws Ejaculating Penis During Live Broadcast

Was he put up to it by one of his co-presenters though?

The offending image

An NHL analyst was made to look a right dick on live TV over the weekend after accidentally drawing an ejaculating penis while on air.

But was it all part of some elaborate bet he had made with his co-presenters?

The incident occurred during a broadcast for Hungarian television. Things started tamely enough, with the presenter circling two players facing the goal.

But as his analysis began to take shape, something rather rude also began to take shape on the screen – a big hairy dick, complete with pubic hair and ejaculate.


As he put the finishing touches to his segment, his three fellow presenters began to erupt in fits of laughter.

A viral hit over the weekend, the clip isn’t the first time a presenter has been caught with dicks on the brain during a live broadcast.

Just last year, for example, a US television presenter was caught on camera seemingly making a penis-shaped sandcastle.

But there may be more to this story than meets the eye, with many speculating online that the presenter was put up to it as part of a bet to see what he could get away with.

Can you see what it is yet? It's a dick.

In any case, he did remarkably well to keep a straight face for as long as he did.

The resulting image did look a lot like a dick too – almost a little too much like a dick for it to be coincidence. What do you reckon?

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