Spoilers: The Walking Dead shocks fans with revelation of who Negan killed

Lucille's victim(s) are revealed...

The Walking Dead Glenn baseball bat death
Glenn bites the dust The Walking Dead favourite gets killed off. Image AMC

The Walking Dead finally returned last night with a blistering episode that answered season six’s major cliffhanger: who exactly did Negan kill?

Spoilers are ahead, so if you’re yet to see The Walking Dead’s season seven premiere, turn away now…

Still here? Right, Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) barbed wire-adorned baseball bat Lucille actually took out two major characters on the show.

The victims turned out to be fan favourite characters Abraham Ford and Glenn Rhee, ending months of hype and speculation and delivering a major shock to the AMC show’s loyal viewers.

The shockwaves reverberated across social media as fans began to share their despair at the loss of actors Michael Cudlitz and Steven Yeun, who have been with the show for a combined six years.

Critics also came out to praise the latest episode. Bernard Boo from We Got This Covered described it as “the most devastating episode” in the show’s history.

“The showrunners are pushing the envelope the right way, and they can get away with showing us the most disgusting, disturbing things imaginable because after seven years, frankly, they’ve earned it,” the critic wrote.

The Walking Dead will continue next Sunday on AMC in the US and on the Fox Network in the UK tonight.

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