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‘PLEASE SPIT IN IT TOO’ – Grandfather finds alarming message on restaurant bill

By Jack Beresford

June 20, 2018

A GRANDFATHER out enjoying Father’s Day lunch received a shock when the bill arrived – but it wasn’t anything to do with the prices.

Curtis Mays was out with his daughter and granddaughter at Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden, in New York when the incident occurred.

As ABC7 reports, everything seemed to be going fine. He had ordered a burger and asked for mayo along with caramelised onions.

His waitress had apparently been nice enough too. However, when he got the bill at the end of the meal, Mays noticed something he hadn’t asked for was on there: spit.

Written in red bold letters across the bill were the words “PLEASE SPIT IN IT TOO”.

“I ate my burger already, I felt like I was gonna throw up,” he told WABC.

Mays confronted his waitress over the bill, but she played dumb, claiming she wasn’t the one that printed the unpleasant message.

“I asked her ‘why would you do this?’ And she couldn’t explain it. She said she didn’t do it, so I as like ‘who prints out the receipt?’ So she said ‘I take it up there and print it myself.'” Mays told ABC7. “So you did it? Why are you lying about it? She just walked off.”

Curtis wasn’t convinced though and decided to get the manager of the restaurant involved.

The manager, to his credit, took immediate action; the waitress was fired, and Mays was handed a refund for his meal along with an apology.

Though they understood why Mays might be upset, the manager was also keen to stress it was highly unlikely that the chef spat in the burger.

Despite this issue, it’s worth point out that The Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden has an A rating from the Department of Health.

That could be subject to change.