Spin The Bottle Dating App Could See Tinder Kicked To The Curb

Singles meet face-to-face for live 30-second video chats

The Spin The Bottle dating app
Spin the bottle A different kind of dating app Image Spin The Bottle

If you thought Tinder had taken online dating to a new superficial extreme, then just wait until you see Spin The Bottle.

It’s a different kind of dating app, inspired by the classic teenage party kissing game, which invites users to hook-up with nearby singles using a 30-second Chat Roulette-style live video chat system.

The idea is simple enough, users download the app and begin by quite literally swiping a digitised bottle, which spins for a couple of seconds before entering you into the 30-second speed date with a fellow single who has been selected based on their location.

After 30 seconds of chat, users must decide whether they are going to give their match a “kiss”.

Do so and they’ll be allowed to talk with their new match at length over video and instant messaging, as well as gaining access to each other’s full profiles.

With the app inviting users to “meet people not profiles” the idea is to offer up a realer online dating experience, with users no longer able to hide behind a carefully-constructed profile or sexy selfie.

And while it is likely to lead to a few awkward encounters down the line, it could represent the ideal alternative to Tinder, which has increasingly become an app used by people seeking short-term hook ups rather than a long-term relationship.

That said, there is always the risk, as with Chat Roulette, that a few horny-minded males out there end up getting their appendage out on camera.

Because nothing is safe from the threat of dick pics.

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