Trajan Dimsey needs funding for his ambitious comic book inspired creation.


This Man’s Inspired Invention Lets You To Web-Sling Like Spider-Man

By Jack Beresford

March 13, 2018

A US inventor is seeking funding for a creation straight out of the pages of a comic book.

As Spider-Man, Peter Parker always knew that with great power came great responsibility. He was also very much aware that the ability to web-sling from building to building was pretty major perk of the job

But there’s good news for Spidey fans because you no longer have to risk instant death by radioactive spider bite to get your hands on one of the Marvel character’s coolest abilities.

It’s all thanks to Trajan Dimsey, an inventor who has just launched a Kickstarter fund for a unique system that seemingly mimics Spider-Man’s web-slinging abilities using a series of grappling hooks.

Dimsey is taking the show on the road too with a special obstacle course set to tour the globe, giving people a chance to try out his system and potentially donate to his cause.

The Spider-Man grappling hooks are designed to be used as part of a special body hairness that takes all of the weight off your arms and shoulders.

Which is good news for the weaklings among us who may have been concerned that the system would end up ripping their arms off.

It’s super accurate too, with the obstacle course set to feature several targets to demonstrate, first-hand, just how slick it is.

Dimsey has set himself a funding target of $347,326 before the system can go in production.

So, if you ever fancied living life like a real-life Peter Parker, minus the Spidey sense and photographer job for a newspaper, this is your chance. Do it – it’s what Uncle Ben would have wanted.