Spector: ‘We’re inspired by getting shouted at from Serbia’

Singer Fred Macpherson is having lessons via Skype by his crotchety old piano teacher.

Spector, who have begun their third album
Grisly Spector Spector present their passport photos.

Spector have begun work on their third album, including getting inspiration from singer Fred Macpherson’s childhood piano teacher.

The band want to “explore new realms melodically”, so have recruited Macpherson’s piano tutor to give him fresh lessons via Skype from Serbia, where he lives.

Macpherson told Loaded: “He shouts at me from Eastern Europe, which feels quite modern.

“Any song I write tends to be higgledy-piggeldy, so I’m trying to get back into my musical education.

“The lessons are bringing back lots of previously repressed memories about how I’d never be a good enough musician because I couldn’t achieve the basic tenets of Mozart.”

The London four-piece, who released second album Moth Boys last year, play a pair of dates supporting Hurts this weekend.

Macpherson explained: “We’re in the middle of writing new songs around those shows. We’ll announce a headline tour soon, but after the Hurts shows we’re only going to be rampantly promoting Spector in our private lives, which gives us time to write.”

The 28-year-old added that what he sees as the death of London’s identity is inspiring him lyrically.

“I’m writing about England’s descent into a corporate miasma,” Macpherson says. “London is losing its identity, and I can only hope things will move on at some point.

“Maybe they won’t actually improve and people will start flocking to other cities to live. And maybe I’m just having a late-twenties quarter-life crisis moment. Every generation feels negative about the time they’re in, so I don’t know if what I’m feeling really is unique to now.”

But the singer emphasised that Spector are trying to find positivity among Macpherson’s gloom. He explained: “Even when feeling uninspired, it’s important to take inspiration from that lack of inspiration. We’re writing about the joys one finds in between the shit moments.”

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