Leonardo DiCaprio Breaks All His Dating “Rules” With New Girlfriend

Lorena Rae is a little bit different to some of his previous partners.

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It’s long established that Leonardo DiCaprio is not only a serial dater but someone who has a very specific type when it comes to the women he dates.

For several years now, the 42-year-old has made a habit of dating blonde models under the age of 25 with everyone from Nina Agdal to Bridget Hall on his list of alleged conquests.

DiCaprio’s latest squeeze, Lorena Rae is a little different though.

Sure, she’s still a model and, at age 23, she definitely fits into those two distinctive brackets but it would appear DiCaprio is broadening his horizons – because Lorena is a brunette.

Rae and DiCaprio have been spotted walking and even biking together in recent weeks – despite the claims of DiCaprio’s publicist that the pair are not romantically involved.

Then again, that’s been the case with pretty much every young female linked with the Oscar winner in recent times.

Haven't posted anything in a while but yes I'm still alive ? ?#munich for a few days ?

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DiCaprio is most definitely single too, having split from Agdal back in May.

He’s not someone that adheres to the old “half your age, plus seven” rule either – given that Rae would need to be 28 for that to work.

It seems like DiCaprio is breaking all the rules for his new beau, and is all the better for it.

Black swan kinda day

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Then again, he’s never been one for following the crowd, having emerged previously as something of a “dad bod” hero for men everywhere seeking a successful role model who doesn’t feel the need to flex a six pack.

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