Someone Turned Their Roast Chicken Dinner Into A Facehugger From Alien

The Facehugger Feast Roast Chicken looks… delicious.

The Facehugger Feast. Image

An Alien movie fan took their passion for all things Xenomorphs to new extremes with the strangest of culinary creations: The Facehugger Feast Roast Chicken.

Tech start-up employee Hellen Die has enjoyed playing with her food for a while now documenting her efforts on the website

This isn’t even her first Alien-related effort either – just last Thanksgiving she unveiled one of her most graphic efforts to date – a chestburster turkey While the Facehugger Feast Roast Chicken isn’t quite as extreme, it’s still an impressive and utterly bizarre effort.

Hellen was able to create an authentic looking replica of the Facehugger using a full chicken, some snow crab legs and little bit of chicken sausage for the tail.

It’s inspired by the Facehugger that featured in Aliens vs. Predator rather than the original movies, which probably means it’s not canon, but that’s probably not worth bringing up at this point.

And while it looks impressive enough, something tells loaded the combination of chicken and seafood isn’t going to be all that tasty. Mind you, we could be wrong, with the website listing the recipe for anyone looking to replicate this sci-fi inspired feast.

Hellen previously worked in the film industry, which goes some way to explaining her culinary creativity.

Anyone keen to check out more of her work should head over to the website or even Hellen’s inspired Instagram account, which is full of even more weird and wonderful efforts.

Congrats to Hellen though – she’s managed to create a dinner scene more horrific than the one that features in the original movie!

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