Someone just worked out what Super Mario’s dad looks like

One of the great mysteries of gaming as we know it has just been solved.

Nintendo Super MarioImage Picture Nintendo

Super Mario might be the world’s most famous computer game plumber but has anyone ever stopped to ask where he came from?

Aside from his rather stereotypical Italian leanings, little is known about the origins of the red-clad pipe-fitter or his green-loving (not that) sibling Luigi.

Actually, that’s not strictly true: 1993’s lamentable film Super Mario Bros did at least reveal their full names: Mario Mario and Luigi Mario.

It was a detail that left many fans questioning not only the film’s script writers but also the fictional thoughts of Mario and Luigi’s entirely made-up parents.

‘Did Mario and Luigi have parents,’ fans wondered, ‘and if so, why did they call him that and what do they look like?’

Well, the answer may, or at least part of it, may have been found after one eagle-eyed Redditor uncovered evidence of who Mario’s dad is.

A Super Mario lunchbox from Reddit.

It came from a Nintendo-licensed Super Mario tin tray design which features a painting of what, must surely be, Mario’s pops.

Sporting some blue dungarees to rival his son’s red ones, it would appear that Mario’s dad was also a smoker, with the aforementioned portrait featuring an old-school pipe.

In light of this discovery, another Redditor then took the time to complete a full portrait of the great man, whose progeny helped launch Nintendo into the big time.

Super Mario's dad from Reddit.

He must be so proud. That is, if he’s still alive. Can’t help but think smoking that pipe may have proven to be his downfall, though that would be a pretty dark twist for Nintendo.

Still have no clue how or what created Wario though. It’s probably something really messed up.

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