Someone Invented A Toilet GPS App, We Need It Urgently

No more McSh*ts

Bathroom signs. Image Pinterest

Japan keeps upping the toilet game, we can all agree that bogs in Tokyo can do everything but file your taxes – they are that efficient. Now a new app can help anyone in a rush find an available genius toilet in a flash.

Toilet Finder is the answer to a colon’s prayers. It was created by Japanese tech company KDDI Corporation and its primary function is to find the nearest available lavatory using GPS. The application works in conjunction with a sensor placed on cubicle doors which then sends real-time updates to the user, letting them know when they’re free to pee. [via]

“We believe this solution will help solve the problem by streamlining how bathrooms are used,” said company spokesperson Daisuki Mauro.


The main purpose of this technology is so people don’t waste time hopping around looking for a loo.

Right now, it’s being utilised in offices throughout Japan, but the company hopes that Toilet Finder will soon be available in public arenas like rail stations, malls and stadiums.

In addition to this awesome gadget, KDDI Corp also has a very special toilet for sale, which will cost you around £10,000. It comes with UV cleaning, warm-air blowers, spray hose and Bluetooth control so you can jam out to the hits while you take a sh*t.

Japan is always miles ahead.

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