Sofia Vergara sucking in helium on Jimmy Fallon is amazing

“Is it legal to inhale this thing on TV?”

Sofia Vergara inhales helium on JImmy Fallon
Sofia Vergara Even helium can't stop her sounding sexy. Image NBC

Sofia Vergara has charmed telly fans all over the world with her Columbian accent – and even after inhaling a balloon full of helium, it’s impossible for her not to sound seductive.

The Modern Family star was appearing on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday (September 21) when she inhaled a helium balloon, with amazing results.

After being handed the balloon, Sofia said “I suck it first?”, promoting an embarrassed look from the host.

Watch Sofia Vergara’s hilarious moment below:

“Is it legal to inhale this thing on TV?” she asked, before sucking in the helium.

Sofia immediately burst out laughing after saying her name, and sent Jimmy and the audience into hysterics.

Next up, the Modern Family star spoke Spanish and said hello to viewers in her native Columbia.

Turns out even helium can’t stop her sounding sexy…

Sofia has lots to be happy about at the moment, after she was named the highest paid TV actress in the business, earning a huge $43m in 2016.

She also treated fans to early Halloween present recently, after dressing up as Wonder Woman for an early Halloween surprise.

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