Watch The Bewildering Moment A Giant Snake Vomits Up Entire Deer

It’s the bit David Attenborough deemed too hot for TV

A snake sicking up a deer
A snake Sicking up a deer Image YouTube

If watching Human Planet has taught loaded anything, it’s that the world around us and the animals that inhabit it really are a sight to behold.

And if there’s anything else that the sight of an animal being torn to shreds while Sir David Attenborough quietly narrates the savagery before our eyes, it’s that our animal counterparts are just as fucked up as us. 

In fact, in some cases these animals are even worse than humans. Some, mind.

They hunt, they kill and they do any number of dastardly things. The only difference is, us humans spend our entire lives lamenting these kinds of decisions, while our animal friends just move on to the next act of savagery.

As if we needed any more reminding of just how messed up the whole thing is, a clip has come online featuring a snake doing something really, really gross.

Have you ever overindulged at dinner time and been left with a gut feeling that the entire meal, just consumed, could come back to haunt you in a vomit-based kind of way?

Well, the snake in this clip has. In fact, when the guy behind the camera, transport Jaco Kotze, found him at his farm in South Africa he was doing exactly that.

Except, while us humans may feel a little queasy after a Sunday roast and a few too many pints, this particular serpent is feeling full after consuming an entire deer.

And the only solution? To vomit the whole thing up.

Filmed mid-chunder, spewing up the still intact animal, it’s a video that will have you questioning our very existence and maybe a few other things in between. 

Honestly, it’s just really fucked up. You’ll want to turn it off but at the same time you just won’t be able to look away.

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