Smoking Has Become One Of The Biggest Turn-Offs In Dating Today

There’s been an increase in the number of people who see smoking as a deal breaker.

Smoking is not so sexy anymore.
Smoking Not so sexy anymore

There was a time when smoking was considered to be dangerous, sexy and a little bit cool – but that time has well and truly passed.

In fact, these days smoking is widely regarded as a deal breaker for singles on the dating scene. Research conducted by Flavour Boss has revealed that smoking ranks as one of the biggest no-nos for people dating today.

According to a survey of 900 people in the UK, 25.4%ranked smoking as a deal breaker, just behind bad breath (30.2%) which can also be linked to smoking.

Arrogance (25.5%), poor manners (24.4%) and a habit of dwelling on their exes (14.6%) also rank pretty highly, but it’s the presence of smoking near the top of that list that could provide the biggest wake-up call of all.

A cigarette smoking.
Smoking Is seriously bad for you

Dating has changed, with prospective partners far more disposable than they once were thanks to dating apps like Tinder.

Don’t like something about a potential boyfriend or girlfriend? Just bin them off and move on to the next one. There are plenty more fish in the sea after all.

And if there is one gripe that pops up more than most, it’s smoking. It’s a filthy, harmful habit that can prove expensive and deadly – why would anyone in their right mind seek out a smoker for a partner?

Yet there are still plenty of people that do overlook smoking – three in every four people if the research is to be believed.

A suit wearing Jon Hamm as Don Draper in Mad Men
Don Draper Smoking Image AMC

Smoking may not be as sexy as it was once perceived, but it’s still an accepted part of society, though things are changing.

One Japanese company has already implemented a new scheme that sees non-smoking employees rewarded with an additional six days of holiday compared to their smoke-loving colleagues.

This is supposed to equate to the time lost when workers head out for a cheeky fag. On the flip side, it may also encourage people to quit smoking, knowing they will gain six days of holiday as a result.

It kind of sounds like not smoking just became cool.

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